Prima Pils (credit: pinoyed of

Prima Pils (credit: pinoyed of

Victory Prima Pils ABV: 5.3% IBU: ?

See what I did there?  “Tap” your inner German…anyways.  Germany. The land of ridiculously hard to pronounce words,  sausage and frothy beer.  Sounds great, right? Now, what if I told you that you didn’t have to cash in your 401K to taste what this great country had to offer? Strap on your lederhosen because we are going on a staycation.

Now before you get all crazy and drop kick your computer because I’m not reviewing the 1,294,567th IPA brewed in Merica, hear me out.  Germany has a long history of shelling out some of the best beer in the world.  When I think of beer, I think of Germany.  The simplicity yet complexity of their historic styles is surpassed by no one. The great thing about craft beer in the U.S. is that we are able to not only able to try authentic German beer, but breweries across the country are trying their hand at brewing these classic styles.

One brewery that got it right…Victory Brewing.  Hot damn did they get it right!   Prima Pils will slap you in the face with a bratwurst, take all of your money and have you asking for more.

Prima Pils Hermen


This brilliantly clear pale yellow brew shimmers in the light.  When I say brilliant, I mean you could read the damn newspaper through this beer.  A frothy white head that laces the glass as you drink, reminds you of previous enjoyment.

The aroma is of spicy and grassy hops jump out at you.  A faint aroma of white cracker and biscuit carry in the back.  The damn thing smells like you just baked some biscuits while sitting in the middle of a freshly cut lawn.

The taste…oh the taste.  Fresh earthy and grassy hops up front with a mellow, but present, dry malt presence of crackers with a slight hay note.  The hops dominate the finish but do not linger too long.  The smooth hop bitterness allows this beer to finish strong.  The beer finishes dry and while bitter, is not astringent or off putting.  A truly hop forward, yet to style, German pilsner.  This good ol’ U.S. brewery just breathed new life into this century old style.

Prima Pils is where it is at!  Put down that damn IPA infused with juniper berries and kumquats and try a truly classic, and classy, German pilsner by Victory Brewing.