Samuel Adams Black & Brew Coffee Stout – 5.8% ABV

So you wake up in the morning after the alarm clock has been ringing incessantly. You hate to get to up again to face the day – you’re already running on fumes and in desperate need of sleep. You feel like just another working stiff about to hit the daily grind again, a zombie in an office cemetary. Rushing around because you realize how late you are and that you have no time to do anything, and you forget to brew up a pot of coffee. What to do? Have some Black & Brew!

While the scenario above is purely hypothetical and in no way am I condoning or suggesting that you down a beer before going to the office, I wanted to give you the reader a visual, a scenario if you will. That’s because this coffee, I mean beer, is a hearty wake up call at just about anytime of the day. Samuel Adams has introduced Black & Brew Coffee Stout, a winter selection that is sure to draw the attention of both beer enthusiasts and javaheads.

The smell of this beer is like roasted coffee beans. Seriously, when you take a deep breath and soak this in, you’d think you were in Starbucks. Maybe some cream was present as well, but most of the aroma was coffee. When it poured, the color was deep deep brown, almost black. There was a nice tan head that grew on the beer, and it sat for a while like a king on his mighty throne.

Getting a taste of this was nice. The mouthfeel was smooth and creamy, silky even, albeit somewhat frothy and thick. The flavor that hit me up front was chocolate and coffee, with a hint of caramel smoothness and then a touch of dark chocolate bitter bite in the finish. It was quite smooth going down, and the bitterness at the end was pretty minimal, so all in all this was a tasty choice. At some time during the process of drinking this, I got the feeling I was having a cold shot of espresso, a very big shot at that. Nice, strong coffee and chocolate flavor in this.

Living in the northeast (and of course working in an office), I see people drinking their coffee all hours of the day. I drink mine early in the morning for a wake up call. This is a nice option for an evening toast, a nightcap, or simply because you want that warm cocoa flavor to grace your palate at hours not normally prescribed for java consumption. Give this one a try and see what you think…


Samuel Adams Black & Brew