one of these things is not like the other :)

Ever since I started home brewing I have come to slowly realize that when I visit homebrew shops, different homebrew clubs and homebrewing events, that I’m usually the only guy with increased levels of melanin aka the token Hispanic guy.

See the homebrewing community is mostly dominated by white American males, this is no surprise, but along with that comes a subculture I can’t relate to. I can’t have those conversations about ice hockey or lacrosse and I really don’t care about your post workout routine or Ricky Carmichael and I definitely don’t want to Top Gun High Five you. I can however carry my own on NPR and Sperry’s, so there’s that :)

I’m not faulting the community for this lack of diversity and really pointing the finger inward to my fellow Latinos and challenging you to pick up a homebrew kit. Get on Youtube! Check out our Homebrewing section! JUST START! Homebrewing is a challenging and really rewarding hobby and could potentially one day turn into a career not to mention provide you with bottles and bottles of delicious home brew beer.

NPR posted a piece on the lack of diversity in home brewing a few years ago and honestly nothing seems to have changed since and I don’t see an increased level of Latinos home brewing beer. I live on the east coast and I’m sure there are Hispanic homebrewers out here I just haven’t seen any in the wild. If you are in the North Jersey/NYC area y tienes ganas de elaborar cerveza en casa comment below and reach out to me.

I have a passion for homebrewing and being “the Spanish guy” is not going to dissuade me from brewing but I do feel left out of the collective, out of the communal aspect of homebrewing. That can change though and you can help me do it. Together we can create a community of Latinos home brewing beer and create our own space. Comment below and let me know your thoughts!