Well it’s my favorite time of the year winter and what goes better with cold weather than a nice winter brew. Well not in this case. I poured my K9 into my Corsendonk tulip glass and noticed a nice dark cooper color with a good 2 inch amount of head. The smell very faint but you could smell some notes of roasted malts and a faint hint of hops. As far as taste all I get is some small hint of spices, which does not set you up for the disappointment to follow. Overall it’s bitter and hoppy for a beer with only 30 IBU’s it tastes much higher than that. It’s kind of watery for a beer with an ABV of 7.4%. This is a strange brew to say the least it tastes more like a Brown Ale with spices. Light body with very little carbonation.

I don’t know but maybe I was expecting too much from this beer. There are so many great Christmas/Winter beers but this is one of the least interesting to say the least. Maybe it’s just me but I think winter brews should consist of sweet malt flavors with a nice kick of alcohol for warmth on the nice cold winter nights.