Drunk Kid credit: andrew_mc_d of flickr.com

credit: andrew_mc_d of flickr.com

My Beer Tolerance vs My Palate

It all starts out innocently enough; I get to the bar I peruse the menu looking for beers not too heavy in alcohol to ease my way into the night. Like foreplay I have to work my way into the heavy hitters I can’t just try and ram a 13% Barrel Aged Imperial Stout down my throat. I have to wet my palate before I find myself alone huddled in a corner making deals with the Almighty about getting me through the night and never drinking again.

See I know my limits, I know what I can handle and that’s a good thing, problem is in the big American Craft Beer scene not jumping right into barrel aged everything brings comments, side eyes and wtf faces. Let me drink my beer at my pace and worry about yourself! You know when you can question my beer choices? When I’ve obviously had too much and I’m asking for another, then I appreciate and welcome the criticism.

I’m trying to enjoy my night in my way and I know my limitations, I know I can’t drink big right out of the gate and I’ve come to terms with my big boy palate vs my pre-school tolerance. I’m not trying to compete or keep up with you because I know I can’t. Don’t get me wrong I wish I could live up to your idea of what a real craft beer drinker should drink, I really do care about your opinion and your acceptance as a real craft drinker but hold on “Bartender can I get that 3% Berliner Weisse on tap.”

Side note: Please feel free to give me the side eye when I’m clearly drunk and asking for another.